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Marcell Leon Viragh was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, where he learned Hungarian, English, German, and French languages at the Austrian School Budapest and at Lauder Javne School. After finishing his studies at the University of Exeter Business School, he joined the production company Umbrella Collective. Later, he created his own media house, focusing on podcasts, corporate internal communication videos and documentaries. He worked with companies like Red Bull, Bosch, AMCHAM, and Forbes.

Currently, he’s a senior at The Los Angeles Film School studying BSC Film Production - Directing Orientation. His most recent short film “Proposal” was selected in four film festivals and has won in ten different categories, including best first time director.

Notable Equipment Used in Past

RED Komodo | Blackmagic | Sony F55 | Canon | DJI | Aputure | Fresnel Lights | J.L. Fisher Model 10 | Cooke

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